Biodiversity Atlas Austria

An online platform for discovering Austria’s biodiversity

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Enter your location or an address to discover recorded animal, plan or fungi species nearby.

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Go on a discovery tour in your region. Discover certain species in known places or explore the diversity within pre-defined regions.

Spatial Portal

Analyse and visualise species occurrence data with other biological and environmental information.


Discover datasets from natural history museums, universities and research groups, administrative bodies, conservation management and planning and other institutions.

Data Partners

Where does the data come from? Who provides the data? Get to know the data partners of the Atlas.

About the Biodiversity Atlas Austria

The Atlas ist a free to use online portal to search, visualise and analyse data on Austria’s biodiversity. It is based on the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) – Australia’s national biodiversity database. 

Online since December 2019 it provides open access to species occurrence data in Austria provided by various data partners. The species occurrence data can be linked to other biological, environmental or contextual information, such as  climate or land use data or administrative data. This allows to discover, analyse and visualise Austria’s biodiversity via a single portal and help better understand the interconnectedness of the environment.

More information on the Atlas, its tools and services can be found here.